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       Zhongshan Shiqi Xinlijie Cleaning Products Factory is a set research and development, production, sales, service integration in the new enterprise, specializing in the production of hotel dedicated PA detergent, floor wax, stone care products. To meet the needs of different customers, creating a" Rand"," clean" two brands, a factory from imports of advanced technology and ideas, with a special formula and quality of raw materials, laid a series of products of high quality foundation!

       Our goal is:" to the prices of domestic products, to allow customers to enjoy equal to the quality of imported products and services"! In fact, we have done, since our products to market, through continuous efforts to improve and improve, has been the recognition and support of customers! "Credibility is fundamental, quality of life, we provide quality services to customers at the same time, will advance with the times, development of more high-quality products, for the industry to contribute to the development of! Subordinate units -- Zhongshan City Jie Hotel supplies firm, the main agents operating various industrial, commercial cleaning equipment, stone care products, floor mats products, toiletries, Hu Neiwai trash, room supplies. Run cleaning equipment rental and repair business! Welcome to inquire!

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